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As a funding agent it is critical that the St. Louis County Children's Service Fund provide more than financial support to community agencies for our efforts to be successful.  It is the duty of the Children's Service Fund to strengthen providers knowledge about proven evidence-based best-practices, reduce the stigma of mental illness and substance abuse, and help in connecting needy populations with service providers.

Resources For Families

The Resources for Families page links to websites that provide useful tools and knowledge about recognizing a mental health issue in a child, understanding a mental illness or addiction, and dealing with the recognized issue.  Families can also access information about funded the Children's Service Fund's partner agencies and funded programs through this page.

Resources For Providers

The Resources for Providers page links to many good resources on evidence based practices, outcomes measures, funding opportunities, and sites that can help manage business practices.  Agencies can use these resources to expand capacity and improve service delivery to clients.

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