Temporary Shelter Services
These are services for abused, neglected, runaway, homeless, or emotionally disturbed youth for up to 30 days. They provide a safe haven for children and youth who face these difficult and dangerous situations.

  Transitional Living Services
These services aim to successfully support and reintegrate a young person from a homeless and hopeless arrangement into a safe living space with opportunities for developing independent life skills.

Services to Unwed and Teenage Parents
Services to unwed and teenage parents include developing parenting skills, help completing their education in order to gain employment, and obtaining adequate counseling and healthcare services to ensure that unwed and teen parents raise healthy children who are free from the risk of child abuse and neglect.

  Respite Care Services
Respite care services offer emergency shelter and services for  youth of families experiencing a crisis that increases the risk of child abuse or neglect. In addition to providing a safe haven for children, respite care workers may also work with parents to help them learn age-appropriate expectations and coping skills to deal with stress.

Crisis Intervention Services
These services help to assure that support and other services are available when an individual experiences an emergency, whether it would be man-made or a natural disaster. It may include risk assessment, access to emergency service appointments, professional counseling, and referrals.

  School-Based Prevention Services
School-based prevention programs teach students skills that can help them handle multiple issues and specific problems such as alcohol and drug usage, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and rape. In addition, services can help students learn skills in order to handle conflicts without violence.

Home and Community-Based Interventions
These programs stabilize families and prevent the unnecessary hospitalization of  youth, prevent placement of youth away from their homes, and encourage family support services in the home to provide support and guidance for successfully mobilizing and completing treatment for a child or youth with a serious emotional disturbance (SED).

  Individual, Group, and Family Counseling
Individual, group, and family counseling services include psychological evaluations, mental health screenings, and professional individual, group, and family therapy. These services assist individuals and families cope with, adapt to, or resolve a broad variety of stressful circumstances, such as a sudden crisis or emotional trauma.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
Outpatient adolescent substance abuse treatment services include assessments and evaluations, early interventions, educational groups, youth group counseling, individual counseling, group family therapy, family therapy, and aftercare services.

  Outpatient Psychiatric Services
These services are for children or adolescents who need to be evaluated medically for a psychiatric disorder by a psychiatrist. Medication in conjunction with intensive outpatient services may be required to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

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